the firefox extension for IGN boards
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IGNBQ is a Firefox extension for IGN boards (see links at top of page). It provides quicker access to board functions, such as replying, quoting, editing, and PMing from within threads instead of loading a new page. Also all edit boxes have "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) style editing.

News as of February 18, 2009
IGN Boards updates

Well, IGN is adding all kinds of new features to their forum, some of which IGNBQ added. Of course with every update to the forums IGNBQ breaks. And since these updates are very frequent right now I'm not even attempting to keep ahead of them. But whenever IGN is done adding all their new features I'll survey the damage as well as what features they haven't added or could be done better, and I'll get us a new version of IGNBQ.
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IGNBQ is a Firefox extension. It provides numerous enhancements to IGN Boards. I need new screenshots.  
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